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97’/China/ 2020

Direction :Dadren Wanggyal

Script: Danba Darjee,Tsering Thar

Producer: Xie Li

Cinematography: Liu Qibing

Editor: Hao Shaogang


Gelak is an illegitimate child, living with her mom Samdan alone in a distant Tibetan village, where women are not allowed to join the Sang Offering to the Sacred Mountain. Samdan has always relied on men for a living, and Gelak has been treated as a vicious witch by the villagers. Fed up with the prejudice she has to face growing up, Gelak decides to challenge the traditions and fight for herself… The film is based on the famous Tibetan author A Lai’s novel. Depicting the astonishing landscape, the director tries to convey the ethnic culture and empower women on the plateau.

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