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Bird of omen

Story revolves around a fictionally assumed village somewhere in kannur district of kerala. People of the village worship a lady named Devamma, which is a position assigned to unmarried women based on an old myth. Once Devamma gets physically aged she selects a new woman on a random basis from the same village. The person getting selected as Devamma should get detached from their family from then. During early summer days of every year usually,  the bird ‘Pullu’ comes to this village which is an indication for rainfall which comes shortly. According to the belief of the villagers, once the bird comes it is an indication for conducting their sacred yearly festival related to their temple. The main event of the festival is the art form of Theyyam being performed by Devamma. Over the years whenever this cycle has taken place, strong rain has followed it. Hence the villagers consider the rainfall as a result of Devamma’s theyyam performance. 

Direction : Riyaz Raz, Praveen Kelikkoden

Script: Shabitha, Vidhu Sankar, Vijeesh Unni, Santhakumar

Cinematography: Aji Vavachan

Editor: Sumesh B’WT

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