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The Rain International Nature Film Festival(RINFF) focuses on films made to project the awesomeness of nature through the lens of the maker. Festival aims to provide a forum for all across countries, to share their interest in birds and preserving the nature at its best, aiming at gradual and sustainable developments in the process. The festival brings a good opportunity for filmmakers, professionals and the public to meet and initiate conversation on many important issues through different meetings and conferences within the framework of the event and to enjoy films concerning nature and wildlife at the same time. The festival will showcase feature films, short films and documentaries from across the globe with the central theme of nature. There is a competition in each category and the winners are announced and awarded.

Festival aims to bring good opportunities to school and college students and the public internationally. It is one of the festivals’ core mission to engage with the younger generation and to ensure their participation, thereby encouraging them to take up the responsibility of nature conservation, and to spread awareness to the rest of the society. This is vital today in these times of rapid environmental degradation primarily at the hands of self-centered and exploitative humans. The Rain International Nature Film Festival is organized by Birds Club International and Jayaraj Foundation. Jayaraj Foundation is an earnest effort towards conserving nature and strengthening people’s welfare. Birds Club International(BCI) and SMART(Sports, Music, Art and Recreation Therapy) are two projects started by Jayaraj foundation. BCI is a non-commercial organization that aims at promoting global interest in birds, conservation of nature and the environment through public campaigns and education. Started in 2010, by National and International award winning Indian Filmmaker, Jayaraj Rajasekharan Nair, as part of the Jayaraj foundation, it is registered as a charitable organization to revive and conserve the environment, by tapping and utilizing optimum natural resources with the focus on birds to convey their message.

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